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A Rupture


Removal or collection not permitted:

Maidenhair fern
Kneeling angelica
Arnica: mountain
not meadow
Lady fern

A rupture prompted
by a violence of nature,
then: low level
hum of lack,
keening quietly.

No being,
not now,
nor before,
only unfolding.
A horizon,
then, and there:
an infinite future,
and yet—
no plurality,
no multiplicity.

Fumbling around
a new world,
mouth around
language with
inadequate potential.

Edit, find, and replace.
Null edition,
zero of zero.


Common harebell
Varied-leaf colommia
Alpine willow-herb
Creeping Charlie
White-flowered hawkweed
Klamath weed

You’re hungry now.

I’ve got a hungry eye, a hungry heart.

They are hungry, they are hungry for you.

Hungry, Hungry again.

I’ve been hungry way down in my heart.

We’re hungry for a life we can’t afford.

It probably could happen to anyone.

Hungry for a life without cruelty.

Who will care if I’m hungry?

We’re all hungry.

A rare encounter,
I’m told

Hungry hippo, hungry lucy,
hungry baby, hungry face.

Funny face I love you.
Hungry for love, for more,
for heaven, for you.

Like a wolf,
etc. etc.


Tiger lily
Few-flowered lomatium
Leafy dwarf knotweed
Licorice fern

A thing about a lion,
forced intimacy, and prey.

Imminent dread,
impending doom.

One paw in the belly-wound
it probably could happen to anyone.


White-veined wintergreen
White trillium
Common cattail
Oval-leaf blueberry
Huckleberry: oval-leaved, too,
and mountain
and red

Make legible:
a warning in writing above
not before later than
next in time or
place the indefinite

A point on a plane,
haunted by a particularity
of relation.

There do n’t appear
to be anything here.

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