The current four year programme of L'Internatioinale is Museum of the Commons and includes over 60 activities carried out by the network, in partner institutions, online or across multiple sites. Listed here are activities from 2023 onwards, when Museum of the Commons begun. Previous programmes of the network can be found here.


Archive of the Conceptual Art of Odesa in the 1980s

The research project turns to the beginning of 1980s, when conceptual art circle emerged in Odesa, Ukraine. Artists worked independently and in collaborations creating the first examples of performances, paradoxical objects and drawings.

Museo Reina Sofia

Team of Teams

This project researches citizen participation as a fundamental pillar in the creation of community.

Non-western technologies for a good life

The experimental course 'Non-Western Technologies for the Good Life' (November 2023 – May 2024) celebrates as its starting point the anniversary of 50 years since the publication of Tools for Conviviality, considering that Ivan Illich’s call is as relevant as ever.

Museo Reina Sofia

Sustainable Art Production

The Studies Center of Museo Reina Sofía will publish an open call for 4 residencies of artistic practice for projects that address the emergencies and challenges derived from the climate crisis such as food sovereignty, architecture and sustainability, communal practices, diasporas and exiles or ecological and political sustainability, among others.

Institute of Radical Imagination
Museo Reina Sofia

Cinema as Assembly

Cinema as Assembly investigates cinema as a space of social gathering and political engagement that prefigures and enacts forms of living beyond colonial capitalism.


Tongue and Throat Memories

On hospitality and conviviality through food
Knowledges and convenings
Cooking Sessions

Museo Reina Sofia

School of Commoning Practices

This exchange programme gathers different schools organized by volunteers and migrant communities in Athens (Open School for Migrants) and Madrid (School of Rights, Escuela de Español and Situated mediation School) in order to share their knowledge, exchange strategies and reflect on the experience of working together with migrant communities.


The Kitchen: Workshop by Marina Monsonís

The Kitchen is a meeting place open to the participation of all, especially people and organizations that want to share their knowledge and experiences around the kitchen.


Van Abbemuseum

The Soils Project

The Soils Project, is part of the eponymous, long term research initiative involving Tarrawara Museum of Art, Wurundjeri Country, Australia, the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Netherlands and Struggles for Sovereignty, a collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It works through specific and situated practices that consider soil, as both metaphor and matter. A further iteration of the project will open at the Van Abbemuseum in May - September 2024 as part of Museum of the Commons.

The Soils Project has been in development since 2018. An international collaboration between three organisations, and several artists, curators, writers and activists, the project has manifested in various iterations over several years including a three-part public webinar series titled The Soils Project: groundwork, and a two-week workshop, titled The Soils Project: On Country, for participating curators and artists. With a curatorium comprising arts workers from TarraWarra Museum of Art, the Van Abbemuseum, and Struggles for Sovereignty, the project’s approach seeks and facilitates opportunities to listen to diverse voices and perspectives around notions of caring for land, soil and sovereign territories.

Developed from this journey, The Soils Project’s forthcoming exhibition will embrace the deep histories of each participant’s location, examining the multiplicity of landscapes and environments, and the impact of colonisations and global industries on cultural heritage, land management and traditional knowledges.

Moderna galerija

Summer School: Our Many Easts

Our Many Easts summer school is organised by Moderna galerija in Ljubljana in partnership with ZRC SAZU (the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) as part of the L’Internationale project Museum of the Commons.


Institute of Radical Imagination

Gathering into the Maelstrom

Gathering into the Maelstrom in Venice at Sale Docks is a four-day programme curated by Institute of Radical Imagination (IRI) and Sale Docks

Moderna galerija

Open Call – Summer School: Our Many Easts

Our Many Easts summer school takes place in Ljubljana 24–30 August and the application deadline is 15 March. Courses will be held in English and cover topics such as the legacy of the Eastern European avant-gardes, archives as tools of emancipation, the new “non-aligned” networks, art in times of conflict and war, ecology and the environment.


Song for Many Movements: Scenes of Collective Creation

An ephemeral experiment in which the ground floor of MACBA becomes a stage for encounters, conversations and shared listening.

MSU Zagreb
Van Abbemuseum
Moderna galerija

Open Call – School of Common Knowledge

MSU (Zagreb), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven), MG+MSUM (Ljubljana), ZRC SAZU (Ljubljana) and L'Internationale invite applications for the new School of Common Knowledge (SCK) to be held in Zagreb and Ljubljana 24–29 May 2024. The School of Common Knowledge draws on the network, knowledge and experience of the L’Internationale museum confederation. Its ambition is to be both nomadic and situated, looking at specific cultural and geopolitical situations while exploring their relations and interdependencies with the rest of the world. The SCK is built on the basis laid by the Glossary of Common Knowledge project initiated by Zdenka Badovinac and Moderna galerija (Ljubljana) and continues its co-learning methodology.

Institute of Radical Imagination
MSU Zagreb

Red, Green, Black and White

A performative inquiry by Institute of Radical Imagination and MSU Zagreb


Anti-imperialism in the 20th century and anti-imperialism today: similarities and differences

PEI OBERT seminar
Lecture by Ramón Grosfoguel

In 1956, countries that were fighting colonialism by freeing themselves from both capitalism and communism dreamed of a third path, one that did not align with or bend to the politics dictated by Washington or Moscow. They held their first conference in Bandung, Indonesia.


SUPERHOST | Club Antena. Intimate listening and dancing experience

with Nele Möller, Farida Amadou, Le Réalism, Céline Gillain, Roberta Miss, Elena Colombi

CLUB ANTENA is an intimate listening and dancing session with a lecture, concert, performance, catering and DJ sets, exploring what it means to listen with our bodies.


Climate Forum

The Climate Forum is a space of dialogue with respect to the concrete eco-political operational practices implemented within the art field.

The Climate Forum is a space of dialogue and exchange with respect to the concrete operational practices being implemented within the art field in response to climate change and ecological degradation. This is the first in a series of meetings hosted by HDK-Valand within L'Internationale's Museum of the Commons programme.

The series builds upon earlier research resulting in the (2022) book Climate: Our Right to Breathe and reaches toward emerging change practices. It asks: How might the speculative and critical insights framed within the registers of the discursive, the affective, and the symbolic be operationalised within everyday working? While the wider agenda of the series is to consider institutional practices, the first session maps some of the ways ecopolitics are formulated by artist and activist iniatives.

Register here.


Kyiv Biennial 2023

L’Internationale Confederation is a proud partner of this year’s edition of Kyiv Biennial.


Multicultural Youth Center

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, together with the confederation of museums L'Internationale, is establishing a Multicultural Youth Center. This is a unique space for 16-24 year olds to explore and develop their creativity, make new friends and hang out in a friendly and supportive environment.

Van Abbemuseum

Maria Lugones Decolonial Summer School

Recalling Earth: Decoloniality and Demodernity
Course Directors: Prof. Walter Mignolo & Dr. Rolando Vázquez

Recalling Earth and learning worlds and worlds-making will be the topic of chapter 14th of the María Lugones Summer School that will take place at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.


Where are the Oases?

PEI OBERT seminar
with Kader Attia, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Emily Jacir, Achille Mbembe, Sarah Nuttall and Françoise Vergès

An oasis is the potential for life in an adverse environment.


The Open Kitchen. The fermented seed, colonialism and extractivism

The MACBA Kitchen is a working group situated against the backdrop of ecosocial crisis. Participants in the group aim to highlight the importance of intuitively imagining an ecofeminist kitchen, and take a particular interest in the wisdom of individuals, projects and experiences that work with dislocated knowledge in relation to food sovereignty.


Mobile Garden. A Place to Meet

An open space, a social space. How could the Museum be more open to the needs of the neighbourhood?