Summer School: Our Many Easts

Our Many Easts summer school is organised by Moderna galerija in Ljubljana in partnership with ZRC SAZU (the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) as part of the L’Internationale project Museum of the Commons.

The 2024 summer school will focus on themes related to Eastern Europe, with a special emphasis on the expanded notion and understanding of the East, its arts, artists, art collectives, and the social and political contexts that have defined the geopolitical-social-cultural East(s) over the last decade. What is left of the idea of Eastern Europe today? What tools can historical experiences, genealogies of knowledge, artistic practices from the East(s) provide us with in our present, bereft of future?

The courses will be held in English and comprise workshops, lectures, performances, guided tours, and discussions, covering topics such as the legacy of the Eastern European avant-gardes, archives as tools of emancipation, the new “non-aligned” networks, art in times of conflict and war, ecology and the environment.

Application deadline is 15 March 2024.

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Mladen Stilinović, It’s necessary, 1980. Pastel on paper. Courtesy of Moderna galerija.

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