Nick Aikens

Nick Aikens is a curator, researcher, editor and educator. He is the Managing Editor and Research Responsible for L’Internationale Online. He assumed his role in August 2023 as part of the four year, EU funded project ’Museum of the Commons’.

Nick has a PhD from HDK-Valand, part of Gothenburg University and academic partner of L'Internationale. He was previously Curator at the Van Abbemuseum (2012–2023) where he worked on numerous exhibitions and publications as well as leading the research programme Deviant Practice (2016–2019). He was a tutor and course leader at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem (2012–2019) and Guest Professor in the department of Exhibitions and Scenography at Karlsruhe University (2023–2024).

Last updated 2 Feb 2024
  1. Towards Collective Learning, or, Decompartmentalizing Education

    María Berríos, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide, Nick Aikens
    Situated Organizations
  2. Rewinding Internationalism

  3. The Kitchen, an Introduction to Subversive Film with Nick Aikens, Reem Shilleh and Mohanad Yaqubi

    Nick Aikens, Subversive Film
    Past in the Present
    Van Abbemuseum
  4. Fail Better – Artistic Interventionism in Dakar in the 1990s and Today: Nick Aikens in conversation with Clémentine Deliss

    Nick Aikens, Clémentine Deliss
  5. Preparing to Exit: Art, Interventionism and the 1990s

    Nick Aikens, David Crowley
  6. From/To. Letters From/To the Constituent Museum

  7. A walk-through the exhibition ‘MONOCULTURE – A Recent History’ at M HKA (Antwerp), with Nick Aikens and Nav Haq in conversation

    Nick Aikens, Nav Haq
    M HKA
  8. Introduction, Living with Ghosts

    Nick Aikens, Jyoti Mistry, Corina Oprea
  9. Glossary of Common Knowledge

  10. The Long 1980s. Constellations of Art, Politics and Identities

  11. The 1980s. Today's Beginnings? An alternative view on the 80s

    Van Abbemuseum
  12. What's the Use. Constellations of Art, History, and Knowledge