The Mediation Group is made up of curators, educators, mediators, art practitioners, and thinkers-by-doing; essentially, people related to education and public programmes, people who work in or are associated with museums, and members of the L’Internationale Confederation. However, this is not just a working group or support group. Rather, it is also a reading group, a debate group, and, above all, a group of people who are looking for new ways of thinking together, sharing experiences, and having fun. While they are all committed to the OME program activities and materials, their work also involves engagement through mutual affective support. Over the past two years, their ongoing discussions have materialized in the form of letters. The editors would like to think about the resulting ensemble of conversations as “a box of letters”, a container of missives sent over time among people in situated contexts and which is a culmination of ideas, inquiries, experiences and debates that unfolded within L’Internationale’s Mediation Group during the Our Many Europes programme.

Contributors: Nick Aikens, Đorđe Balmazović, Madeline Beach Carey BLYZKIST (Maria Beburia, Olga Mzhelskaya, Taras Gembik), Andreja Bruss, Sara Buraya Boned, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, Carmen Calvo Santesmases, Jesús Carrillo, Anna Cerdà i Callís, Viviana Checchia, Pascal Gielen, Gül İçel, Maria Mallol González, Sara Martín Terceño, Pablo Martínez, Sofía Olascoaga, Stéphanie Papin, Alba Pérez Cadenas, Marta Przybył, Eylül Şenses, Alejandro Simón, Marta Skowrońska-Markiewicz, Steven ten Thije, Piet Van Hecke, Onur Yıldız, Voorforvaastfanclub, Tanja Završki, and Adela Železnik.