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Triángulo Rosa [Pink Triangle] is a project drafted as a space for reflection and action around LGTBIQ+ activism in schools and interpellates its main agents (childhood, adolescence, families, teachers, educational institutions) looking for a confluence of strategies and articulating an active response to the reactionary wave of the present times.

After three Triángulo Rosa meetings, we invited activist and sociologist Miguel Missé and the teacher and pedagogue Mercedes Sánchez Sáinz to engage a conversation focused on the situation of diverse sex-generic expressions at school and on the analysis of the structures of violence that underlie (and often emerge) in school insitutions. The debate is joined by participants in the meetings (students, teachers, families).

This debate is part of THE CONSTITUENT MUSEUM IN DIALOGUE, a series of conversations discussing the emancipatory possibilities and limits of museums. Find related talks, and read more on The Constituent Museum in Dialogue.

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Production and edition: Cristina Gutiérrez Ánderez, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca

Video: Gigi Romero, Juan Carlos Zerpa

Thanks to: Participants of the Triángulo Rosa encounters and members of the Mediation working group of L’Internationale.

Still Image: First meeting Triángulo Rosa. July 3rd, 2019, Museo Reina Sofía

Produced by Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2021

The views and opinions published here mirror the principles of academic freedom and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the L'Internationale confederation and its members.

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