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Who is Speaking?


This Dialogue was held as part of the exhibition, lectures and panel discussions, and screenings called Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power. It presented stories from the history of feminist struggle, in which issues of race, gender and class were covered from an intersectional perspective. The project's title refers to the 2005 eponymous lecture by Gloria Wekker, a renowned Surinamese-Dutch scholar with an established reputation within the transnational and Black European feminist discourse. The project sought to extend feminism's scope beyond Western, white feminism and to trace the beginnings of a transnational and intersectional perspective within Belgium and beyond.

The political scientist and feminist Françoise Vergès and the feminist and decolonial queer scholar and sociologist Paola Bacchetta considered who has the right to speak in our socio-cultural contexts. They addressed this through their personal and professional paths, and through decolonisation and anti-racist movements within feminist history and theory, speaking on the different cultural contexts in which these feminisms can operate, and discussing how they can function under different power systems in so-called globalism.

Recorded at KASK / School of Arts Ghent, Ghent, 27 April 2017

Video producer: Ferre Vlerick / Video Vikings

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