L’Internationale publishes across the fields of museum studies, critical and polticial theory, art history and practice-led research – in print and digital form. Publishing is used as a means to address a particular topic or theme (for example Climate, 2022; Class and Redistribution, 2021 or Feminisms, 2018), to consolidate a long term area of research for the network (The Long 1980s and The Constituent Museum, both 2019), to address transversal topics (Stories and Threads. Perspectives on Art and Archives, 2022), or emerging from specific artcitivites within the confederation (Glossary of Common Knowledge, Vols 1 and 2, 2018 and 2022). Publishing projects are realised by the editorial board of L’Internationale Online or through collaborations within the network. Publications can be dowloaded as ebooks or PDFs. Physical copies of the publications are available at L'Internationale partner institutions.