Boloh Miranda Izquierdo

Boloh Miranda Izquierdo is an artist and filmmaker based in Quito, Ecuador. He is currently a producer and film director at the LLEGO films collective, and co-founder of Tawna: Films from territory. His work has been linked to the visualisation of dispossessions and injustices in the Ecuadorian Amazon. His videos have been presented in important venues such as the Cuenca Biennial, Museo Reina Sofía and the Sydney Biennial, and he has had solo exhibitions at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito.

Last updated 26 Jun 2024
  1. ‘Territorios en resistencia’, Artistic Perspectives from Latin America

    Rosa Jijón & Francesco Martone (A4C), Sofía Acosta Varea, Boloh Miranda Izquierdo, Anamaría Garzón
    Art for Radical Ecologies Manifesto
    Institute of Radical Imagination