Jasna Jakšić

Jasna Jakšić is a curator and art critic, working as a Head of the Library and Documentation and Information Department at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (MSU). She has been working on the digitization of MSU Archives and Library collections since 2009 while managing projects such as Digitizing Ideas: Archives of Conceptual and Neo-Avantgarde Art Practices (2010–12) and Performing the Museum (2014–16).

Co-editor of a series of graphic novels dedicated to the artists from MSU collections as well as of the monograph New tendencies – 60 years later. Co-curator of the exhibitions To be Continued: Comics and Visual Culture in Croatia (2020) and Body and Territory: Art and Borders in Today’s Austria (2022, 2023), she is a member of the curatorial teams of the ongoing exhibitions Collection as a Verb and Realize! Resist! React! – Performance and politics in the post-Yugoslav context of the 1990.

Last updated 12 Feb 2024