Materia Hache / Others to the Front

Materia Hache is a Madrid-based DJ, part of a new generation that still wants to make politics through sound, the dance floor and the mix. They are part of the collective Others to the Front, a Madrid resident and a regular at the city's underground parties. They define themselves as a House DJ, understanding the genre as something dynamic and fluid. Their sound mixes old-school and new-school from 120bpm up to 140bpm, constantly trying to capture the heartbeat of the dance floor. You will dance to a range from jackin' techno to Underground House, from the deepest to the most uplifting beats, always in search of the groove and dance. They understand the DJ Booth/dance floor relationship as elements that communicate and travel together, both part of the same thing. Nobody is more than anybody on the dance floor. Through their DJ sets they fight in order to create a dance floor that deserves to be danced, giving visibility and voice to the FLINTA&POC community, always seeking alliances & collective awareness in the queer/rave nightclub scene.

Last updated 19 Mar 2024