The Free Palestine Initiative Croatia

The Free Palestine Initiative Croatia represent a wide people’s coalition that actively condemns the acts of genocide occurring under Israel’s lasting apartheid and occupation regime. The coalition gathers Croatian intellectuals, feminist groups, anti-war movements, civil society organisations, Arab and Palestinian communities, migrant and refugee communities, Muslim communities, etc. The Initiative agrees on the need for dedicated and educated communication with members of the Jewish community and their inclusion in individual activities of the Initiative on the path of opening safe spaces for mourning human losses and at the same time discussing insecurities, confusion and other accompanying phenomena. The Initiative organises peaceful protests, direct actions, and teach-ins on Palestine. We insist on grappling with the historic and current political and geopolitical complexities as well as with expression of humanitarian positions and solidarity while engaging with the critical interrogation of the politics of genocide denial both within Croatian (civil) society and by the government. The Initiative also condemns Islamophobia and antisemitism and is invested in educational labour, including the careful crafting of the visual and textual materials shared publicly.

Last updated 9 Apr 2024
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    The Free Palestine Initiative Croatia
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