Eric Otieno Sumba

Eric Otieno Sumba is a writer and editor with a background in social theory, political economy, postcolonial studies and art criticism. He is currently editor (publication practices) at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin. He is the editor of the O Quilombismo Reader —with Olga Schubert— and the O Quilombismo Album (both HKW/Archive Books, 2023), as well as the poetry collection Rage and Desire, and the zine Exercises for the Imagination of a Space (both Spazio Griot, 2022). His writing has been published in Contemporary And, Africa is a Country, Lolwe, The Guardian, Griotmag, Frieze, Sleek, Nataal, Monopol, Texte zur Kunst, and Camera Austria, among others.

Last updated 2 Feb 2024