Monoculture – A Recent History

Edited by Nav Haq

Graphic Design: Christophe Clarijs

Published by M HKA

ISBN 978-90-728-2868-2

The exhibition Monoculture – A Recent History approaches monoculture, or ‘cultural homogeneity’, from various historical, social and ideological perspectives, as well as philosophical and linguistic ones. As a museum for art and visual culture, M HKA has looked at many different case studies from approximately the last one hundred years in order to consider the impetus for monoculture or the monocultural self-image, and how this has been reflected in artistic work as well as in propaganda and philosophical thought. Seeking as much as possible to consider monoculture not as something exclusively conservative or right-wing, the exhibition rather considers it as something that can be found across social and ideological partialities. With the inclusion of ambiguity, artistically and philosophically-speaking, this exhibition also wishes to look at what ways of living or perceiving might be excluded by the formation of a monoculture. Monoculture – A Recent History asks questions on what kind of society and cultural space we want, taking into account human subjectivity along with its great capacities of creativity and empathy.