Your Maplet: Instructions

Edited by Team of the Education Department of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Graphic Design: Marta Przybył


The epidemic in the spring of 2020 made it impossible for us to receive school groups at the Penumbral Age exhibition. The team at the Education Department of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw were looking for the best solutions to make the exhibition available and bring it closer to various audiences. The Maplet was created to make it easier to move around the space of the exhibition entitled The Penumbral Age. Art in the Time of Planetary Change (MSN, Warsaw, 2020). The map divides the exhibition into thematic “zones” and offers suggestions for questions that encourage an individual reception of the works of art. It is intended to help you interpret the meanings of the artistic works and to stimulate reflection on the topics discussed in the exhibition. The exhibition was accompanied by extensive notes with the curator’s introduction and detailed descriptions of all the works. The map was conceived as an intermediate format between the brief and basic information available in the exhibition space in the form of captions, and the rich and comprehensive paper-guide. Although the exhibition Penumbral Age is no longer on view at the Museum on the Vistula River, the Maplet is still available on MSN’s website and can be used as an aid to “visiting” the 3D scan of the exhibition or as an independent material-source for inspiring questions on the subject of environmental awareness. It can stimulate reflection on global warming, and the management of irreversible phenomena, as well as threads of mutual solidarity and empathy.