Jelena Vesić

Jelena Vesić (PhD) is an independent curator, writer, editor, and lecturer. She is active in the field of publishing, research and exhibition practice that intertwine political theory and contemporary art. Vesić co-edited Prelom – Journal of Images and Politics (2001–10, Belgrade) and is co-editor of the journal Red Thread (Istanbul) and advisory board of Mezosfera (Budapest).

Vesić curated many exhibitions, among them Lecture Performance (MoCA, Belgrade and the Kölnischer Kunstverein, 2009/10, with Anja Dorn and Kathrin Jentjens) as well as the collective exhibition project Political Practices of (post-) Yugoslav Art (2009), which critically examined art historical concepts and narratives on Yugoslav art after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Her exhibition In Collectivising (MG, Ljubljana, 2022) dealt with the feminist interventions into the art-historical narration on the 20th century avant-garde art collectives.

Vesić’s essay-book, On Neutrality (with Vladimir Jerić Vlidi and Rachel O'Reilly), is part of Non-Aligned Modernity edition, MoCA, Belgrade, 2016. She is editor of Alt-Truths and Insta-Realities: The Psychopolitics of Contemporary Right, Red Thread #5, 2020 (with Vladimir Jerić Vlidi), Stagecraft by Vesna Pavlović, Vanderbilt University Press, 2021, Feminist Takes: Early Works by Želimir Žilnik (with Antonia Majaca and Rachel O’Reilly), Sternberg Press, 2021, and Yugoslav Art Space (with Branislav Dimitrijević and Ješa Denegri), JRP (forthcoming, summer 2024).

Last updated 9 May 2024
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