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Degrowth Makes Me Grow…

Paula Pin Degrowth 02

Paula Pin Lage, Degrowth makes me grow, 2021. Still image, video, 11:31 min.

Open Science Friction, energy, renaming, resituated, performance of matter, knowledge through practice, friction, bioelectrochemical cyborg witches, recipes, spells, microbiology, anatomy, botanical, natural and bio remediation, femiciencia, local and global interactions, multifaceted experience, decolonisation, performing our realities through theoretical and practical research, being trans-formed, deconstructed and free from oppressions.

As an artist and activist I have always had a strong inclination towards research and experimentation processes with collective and free technologies. Although my work emerges from a scientific tradition, throughout, whether drawing or abstract video, circuit bending or lab experiments, it is located in the intersection where biology, science and queer art collide.

Paula Pin Degrowth 01

Paula Pin Lage, Degrowth makes me grow, 2021. Still image, video, 11:31 min.

I have been part of the autonomous trans-hack-feminist Pechblenda and Transnoise laboratories, and since 2012 I have collaborated in the extensive biohacking network Hackteria. Out of my practical experience in biohacking (body/environment) and health in the Pechblenda laboratory, Biotranslab emerged, an autonomous lab for experiments and investigations of Open Science Friction and queer natures on the road. The lab is set inside the CyanoVan, a bus. The lab has wheels now!

Degrowth makes me grow is a compilation about what I consider to be the most important aspects in life at the moment. As the video piece states, I have always been autonomous because I had the privilege of my family cultivating a vegetable garden and also owning animals. This was not a rare thing in Galicia; many people were autonomous in food terms, since the food industry did not cover most of the territory. And this is also why many people are still living in this way, such as our grandparents. For me, the experience of studying and living in cities for a while was enough to feel that my essence remains close to the earth, to the land, to growing with the ones that will feed you later.

Paula Pin Degrowth 03

Paula Pin Lage, Degrowth makes me grow, 2021. Still image, video, 11:31 min.

My becoming with kin is represented by a huge network of people that hack the system, in many ways, on the multispecies spaces that I cohabit. Over this past year I have been especially grateful for the operative garden and the emergence of ALDear, a network of rural projects which connects cultural, political and ecological issues in the east of Galicia. We are in the mood for quotidian practices of cultivating, carrying and caring for Earth love …

We are the CYBORG WITCHES on Radical BioAutonomy!!

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