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On Riots, Grief and Parties


On Riots, Grief and Parties widens our understanding of the history of sexual dissent and racialised activisms through archives, interviews, documents, videos and other materials. The exhibition traces an alignment of key moments in feminist culture, the LGBTIQ+ and sexual dissidences by focusing on a variety of queer identities, parties, sex, civil rights and strategies of resistance to oppression.

This dialogue reveals the experiences, emotions and affections between colleagues that took place during the research and development of the exhibition On Riots, Grief and Parties in the framework of the Independent Studies Program. The fit of this project at MACBA opens reflections about new collective links through the selection of archive materials, activism and resistance in the face of a harsh institutional bureaucracy in a pandemic situation.

This dialogue is part of THE CONSTITUENT MUSEUM IN DIALOGUE, a series of conversations discussing the emancipatory possibilities and limits of museums. Find related talks, and read more on The Constituent Museum in Dialogue.

A conversation between some members of Sexual Dissidence Research Group of the Independent Studies Program of MACBA 2019–2020 (coordinated by Lucía Egaña Rojas): Luna Acosta (visual artist and teacher, Colombia), Eduardo Carrera R (curator and cultural manager, Ecuador), Henrique Lukas (visual artist, Brazil), Lizette Nin (visual artist, Dominican Republic), Jorge Sánchez (writer and visual artist, Puerto Rico), Julia Tealdi (bachelor's degree in education and political sciences, Argentina).

Other members of Sexual Dissidence Research Group of the Independent Studies Program of MACBA 2019–2020: Carolina Campos, Joana Castella, Margherita Fabbri, Lucila Prestach, Eugenia Salama, Julia Salgueiro and Claudia Ventola.


Ana G Aupi, Rosa Almirall (Transit), Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona, Arrels Fundació, Kenza Benzidan, Ca La Dona, Casal Lambda - CDAF, Desirée Cascales Xalma, Maria Chatzi, Antonio Centeno, Centre LGTBI de Barcelona, Centro de Documentación de Movimientos Sociales Mercè Grenzner – Can Batlló, Bruno Cimiano, Bruno Crocianelli, Frau Diamanda, Xavi Dua, Lludy Fortune, Natalia Gima, Emilie Hallard, Tania Irias, Imprenta Colectiva Can Batlló, Stéphane Mathé, Julien Merienne, Gimnàs social Sant Pau, Mariana Paschoal, Linda Porn, Tania Quintana (Metzineres), Afra Rigamonti, Aura Roig (Metzineres), Sabrina Sánchez, Vinicius Sassine, Elena-Urko (Post-Op), Nacho Uzcategui, Blanca Valdivia (Punt6).

Produced by MACBA, 2021

The views and opinions published here mirror the principles of academic freedom and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the L'Internationale confederation and its members.

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