Before We Go Down in History (we have to make a living) I. Class Composition

Two-day seminar organised by MACBA as part of Museum of the Commons and the year-long project ‘[contra]panorama’.

MACBA’s [contra]panorama project reflects on the costs of surviving as an artist, and the costs of giving up, but it also speculates about which economies, technologies, times, mechanisms of redistribution and infrastructures we will need to imagine together.

In this seminar, Eleonora Belfiore, María Ruido, Isabel Seguí, Lorena Cervera and Radia Cava-ret will discuss the ‘moral failure’ of cultural policy, the changing conditions of artistic labour, and the need to establish new networks of solidarity.

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Video still from #PrecarityStory (2020), directed by Lorena Cervera and Isabel Seguí

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