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Apotome Live


Supporting Material for the podcast Tuning, Bias, and the Wild Beyond.

Faten Kanaan with Nene H, Tot Onyx, Enyang Ha, Tyler Friedman, Lucy Railton; Khyam Allami with Nene H, Tot Onyx, Enyang Ha, Tyler Friedman, Lucy Railton

Recorded live at the CTM Festival, 29 January 2021

Khyam Allami's Apotome is a web-based software environment, developed in collaboration with creative studio Counterpoint. Apotome was created as a tool to help counter the cultural asymmetry embedded in modern music-making tools, which share a bias inherited from Western music theory and culture. With this technological experiment in progress, the artists point towards more liberated, creative, inclusive, and culturally balanced music-making processes.

In this live streamed concert Allami and New York-based composer Faten Kanaan premiere new works by sending MIDI signals to synth musicians Enyang Ha, Nene H, Tot Onyx, and Tyler Friedman, who in turn modulate the compositions’ timbre, sounds, and other parameters in a shared live composing process. Cellist Lucy Railton contributes an additional layer of live improvisation.

The work was produced by and premiered at CTM Festival 2021 – recorded live on 29 January 2021, and part of L’Internationale Online Screening Program from 10 May to 10 August 2021.

The views and opinions published here mirror the principles of academic freedom and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the L'Internationale confederation and its members.

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