Warm Earth Sounds for Plants and the People Who Love Them

‘Warm Earth Sounds for Plants and the People Who Love Them’ is a series of sound installations by Özcan Ertek, Fulya Uçanok, Ömer Sarıgedik, Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu, and Passepartout Duo, presented at Salt in Istanbul.

The programme takes its title from electronic music pioneer Mort Garson’s 1976 album Mother Earth’s Plantasia. Inspired by The Secret Life of Plants (1973), a book that explores how music and sonic waves influence the growth of plants, Garson recorded the album specifically ‘for plants to listen to’ in the flower shop Mother Earth in Los Angeles and gifted to those who bought flowers from the shop. Drawing on Garson’s innovative use of synthesizers and electronic sounds, the series brings together sound and music pieces that aim to communicate and engage with the Winter Garden plants.

Realised as part of L’Internationale’s ‘Museum of the Commons’ project and with the support of EK BİÇ YE İÇ, the programme will feature five site-specific sound installations at various intervals from June 2024 to April 2025.

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Winter Garden, Salt Beyoğlu. Photo: Mustafa Hazneci

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