SUPERHOST | Club Antena. Intimate listening and dancing experience

with Nele Möller, Farida Amadou, Le Réalism, Céline Gillain, Roberta Miss, Elena Colombi

CLUB ANTENA is an intimate listening and dancing session with a lecture, concert, performance, catering and DJ sets, exploring what it means to listen with our bodies.

Since time immemorial, we have held rhythmic rituals to heal ourselves and restore our relationship with the world. We use language, instruments or our own bodies to do this. What does the soothing and healing power of sound consist of? And how can we harness that power in other ways for the future? This is what CLUB ANTENA explores. In CLUB ANTENA, listening becomes a practice of resistance, and dance music a cultural force for change.

CLUB ANTENA is the closing event of Céline Gillain's Superhost ‘ANTENA – listening to the walls’ at M HKA. This intimate listening and dancing session will take place on the top floor of the museum, in a safe(er) space covered in carpet and fabric. Specialised catering will be provided by Le Réalism.


5 pm: Start
Reading by Nele Möller
Concert by Farida Amadou

7 pm: catering by Le Realism
Performance by Céline Gillain
DJ set by Roberta Miss
DJ set by Elena Colombi

11 pm: End

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