Where are the Oases?

PEI OBERT seminar
with Kader Attia, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Emily Jacir, Achille Mbembe, Sarah Nuttall and Françoise Vergès

An oasis is the potential for life in an adverse environment.

To ask Where are the Oases? also means to ask: Which spaces can be claimed as our own? What do the times of the commons look like? What modes of resistance are needed and desired? What forms of conviviality arise if we move forward as if the society we dream of is already in place? The search for the oases also means to create spaces and practices that rise up against the processes of desertification of life on this earth. It means to forge space-times of reparation and multiply the remains of an inhabitable earth.

Faced with these issues and taking them as the starting point for this ninth edition of PEI, the seminar aims to explore diverse configurations of emancipatory space-times, intersections of decolonial practice and thought. Spaces of critical resistance in the field of art and beyond, collective agencies that constitute true oases for knowledge sharing, methodologies and political tools for the worlds we inhabit. A diversity of life stories and experiences that, together with other forms of knowledge at work to create space-times of hospitality.

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