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In the Battles of Language / En las batallas del lenguaje


In this Dialogue, Marina Garcés and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui have a vital discussion on multiculturalism and the ways in which capitalism exacerbates the fetishistic appropriation of cultural difference. The two speakers advocate for a knowledge that recognises one's own tangibility and memory. They elaborate on the importance of language as a space where the fight to produce knowledge takes place. Under the neoliberal siege on language, it is necessary to take words by assault since they are tools that can touch and transform lives.

Their proposition is that all language is borrowed. However, here they speak the Spanish that unites them and use the particularities of the Catalan and Aymara languages to add nuance to the conversation. A war for identity has been reborn.

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Recorded at MACBA, Barcelona, 20 June 2017

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