Contributions include long reads, opinion pieces, artists contributions, conversations, screenings and mix tapes and are currently commissioned in relation to three content strands:

Climate tackles issues of the current planetary climate crisis and the urgency of transforming our politics, societies, cultures and ways of life.

Situated Organisations seeks new ways of democratizing institutions and to render them more open, inclusive and useful.

The final thread, Past in the Present, focuses on the crucial roles our local and shared histories hold in constituting contemporary identities, politics, societies and cultures.

Statements and editorials related to current cultural and political debates are also published by the network.

This section contains contributions published on L’Internationale Online since 2014. However, we are still importing some material. If you can’t find what you’re looking for visit the archived platform here.

Belleza y Felicidad

Fernanda Laguna

Emerging Innovative Artistic Practices as a Response to the State of Siege

Asja Mandić

From Las Agencias to Enmedio: Two Decades of Art and Social Activism – Part 2

Leónidas Martín

From Las Agencias to Enmedio: Two Decades of Art and Social Activism – Part 1

Leónidas Martín

Preparing to Exit: Art, Interventionism and the 1990s

Nick Aikens, David Crowley

Settler Colonialism in Ungreen, Climate-Unfriendly Disguise and As a Tool for Genocide

May-Britt Öhman
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Ana Teixeira Pinto – Fire and Fuel: Energy and Chronopolitical Allegory

Ana Teixeira Pinto
Climate book launch

Watery Histories – a conversation between artists Katarina Pirak Sikku and Léuli Eshrāghi

Léuli Eshrāghi, Katarina Pirak Sikku
Climate book launch

Pollution as a Weapon of War – a conversation with Svitlana Matviyenko

Svitlana Matviyenko
Climate book launch

Françoise Vergès – Breathing: A Revolutionary Act

Françoise Vergès
Climate book launch

Statement in support of documenta fifteen

L'Internationale Confederation
Statements and editorials

Let Me Reinstate My Agency: Russian Language Manipulations in Ukraine

Milena Khomchenko

Cancelling Russia? That’s just the start

Vasyl Cherepanyn

Time and Again

Olga Bryukhovetska

Never Again War!

L'Internationale Confederation
Statements and editorials
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Museums under Political Control

Workers from Moderna galerija
Moderna galerija

Statement on the dismissal of Alistair Hudson

L'Internationale Confederation
Statements and editorials

Double Standard

Lais Myrrha
EN pt

Reconstructing the Anatomical Theatre in Uppsala

Malin Heyman

Cracks in the Modernist Foundation: On the Necessity of Challenging Dominant Narratives

Itohan Osayimwese

Architectural Dissonances/Dissonant Architectures – Editorial Introduction

Marie-Louise Richards

Architectural Dissonances – Editorial Foreword

Corina Oprea

The Imagination of an Aesthetic Regime in the Modern Arab City: Dissent, Redistribution of the Sensible, Poetics

Suha Hasan

The Colonial Afterlife of Encroachment

Victoria Ogoegbunam Okoye

'Sludge': An Imagined World beyond Development

Sepideh Karami

Architectural Demodernization as Critical Pedagogy: Pathways for Undoing Colonial Fascist Architectural Legacies in Sicily

Emilio Distretti, Alessandro Petti

Temporal Collage and Producing Escape: What is the relationship of modernization to boat living?

Harun Morrison

The Gathering

Ayedin Ronaghi

A Continuous Conversation between Roberta Burchardt and Tatiana Pinto

Roberta Burchardt, Tatiana Pinto

Towards an Aesthetics of ‘Commanding by Obeying’ in Zapatista Audiovisual Material

Natalia Arcos
EN es

Class and Redistribution – Editorial Foreword

Corina Oprea, Farah Aksoy, Meagan Down

Marx Pather Bhumika 1

Naeem Mohaiemen

Feminist Movements in a Pandemic World – Towards a New Class Politics

Cinzia Arruzza

On the Politics of Extraction, Exhaustion and Suffocation

Françoise Vergès

On Social Reproduction and the Covid-19 Pandemic: SEVEN THESES

Marxist Feminist Collective


Frigga Haug

Oilbird with Nestling

Ingela Ihrman

Aunt Yellow

Aykan Safoğlu

The Giant Pit

Noah Fischer

After the Istanbul Convention: Women and LGBTQI+ at the Crossroads of Global Anti-Gender Movements and the Kayyum Regime in Turkey

Hazal Halavut
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