Contributions include long reads, opinion pieces, artists contributions, conversations, screenings and mix tapes and are currently commissioned in relation to three content strands:

Climate tackles issues of the current planetary climate crisis and the urgency of transforming our politics, societies, cultures and ways of life.

Situated Organisations seeks new ways of democratizing institutions and to render them more open, inclusive and useful.

The final thread, Past in the Present, focuses on the crucial roles our local and shared histories hold in constituting contemporary identities, politics, societies and cultures.

Statements and editorials related to current cultural and political debates are also published by the network.

This section contains contributions published on L’Internationale Online since 2014. However, we are still importing some material. If you can’t find what you’re looking for visit the archived platform here.

A dialogical tour through the exhibition The Making of Modern Art

Steven ten Thije, Quinsy Gario
Van Abbemuseum

Performances from the opening of The Heritage of 1989. Case Study: The Second Yugoslav Documents Exhibition

Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Azra Akšamija, Ilija Šoškić
Moderna galerija

Data Visualisation on Artists' Migrations. Research in Progress

Joost Grootens, Christiane Berndes

The Shame and Misery of Liberal Democracy: Europe and Migration Flows

Carlos Prieto del Campo

The Mediterranean: A New Imaginary. Conflated Scales – Deep Inconsistencies

Adrian Lahound

Apricots from Damascus

Atıf Akın, Dilek Winchester
EN tr ar

The "Refugee Crisis" and the Current Predicament of the Liberal State

Denise Ferreira da Silva

Škart Maps

Đorđe Balmazović

Objects/Subjects in Exile. A conversation between Wayne Modest, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, and Margareta von Oswald

Wayne Modest, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Margareta von Oswald

Brexit, New Nationalism, and the New Politics of Migrancy

John Byrne

Epistemologies of the South

Zdenka Badovinac, Jesús Carrillo, Patrick Flores
Moderna galerija

A Few Notes On A Time Of Uncertainties

Merve Bedir

Interview with Oliver Ressler

Oliver Ressler, November Paynter

Art Museums and Democracy

Charles Esche, Manuel Borja-Villel, Bart de Baere
Van Abbemuseum
Museo Reina Sofia

Tearing Down Bridges – Turkey's Withdrawal from Creative Europe

L'Internationale Confederation
Statements and editorials

The Eclipse of the Witness: Natural Anatomy and the Scopic Regime of Modern Exhibition-Machines

Vincent Normand

Beyond COP21: Collaborating with Indigenous People to Understand Climate Change and the Arctic

Candis Callison

Ecosophy and Slow Anthropology. A Conversation with Barbara Glowczewski

Barbara Glowczewski, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Sarah Werkmeister

Necroaesthetics: Denaturalising the Collection

Anna-Sophie Springer, Etienne Turpin

Let Us Now Praise Famous Seeds

Michael Taussig

Imperceptible Institutions

pantxo ramas

Migrants... Refugees... People!

Ela Meh

The Archives of the Commons Seminar, Madrid, 2015

Mela Dávila Freire, Marisa Pérez Colina, Carlos Prieto del Campo, Mabel Tapia
EN es

Archives of the Commons: Knowledge Commons, Information and Memory

Carlos Prieto del Campo
EN es

The Hump of Colonialism, or The Archive as a Site of Resistance

Rona Sela

A Grin Without Marker

Filipa César

Another Mapping of Art and Politics. The Archive Policies of Red Conceptualismos del Sur

Ana Longoni, Red Conceptualismos del Sur
EN es

Decolonial Sensibilities: Indigenous Research and Engaging with Archives in Contemporary Colonial Canada

Crystal Fraser, Zoe Todd

In Search For Queer Ancestors

Karol Radziszewski

H[gun shot]ow c[gun shot]an I f[gun shot]orget?

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Buried (and) Alive

Jeffrey T. Schnapp

Presenting Pasts

Andrea Stultiens

Radically De-Historicising the Archive. Decolonising Archival Memory from the Supremacy of Historical Discourse

Wolfgang Ernst

Of Cats and Canary Birds: Statement in Support of Lunds Konsthall

L'Internationale Confederation
Statements and editorials

Fiction is a Worlding. Post 5

Clémence Seurat
EN fr

Imagining a Culture Beyond Oil at the Paris Climate Talks

Mel Evans and Kevin Smith of Liberate Tate

Climate Risks, Art, and Red Cross Action. Towards a Humanitarian Role for Museums?

Pablo Suarez

Theorising More-Than Human Collectives for Climate Change Action in Museums

Fiona R. Cameron

Late Subatlantic. Science Poetry in Times of Global Warming

Ursula Biemann

The Dutch VOC Mentality. Cultural Policy as a Business Model

Mirjam Kooiman
EN nl