Contributions include long reads, opinion pieces, artists contributions, conversations, screenings and mix tapes and are currently commissioned in relation to three content strands:

Climate tackles issues of the current planetary climate crisis and the urgency of transforming our politics, societies, cultures and ways of life.

Situated Organisations seeks new ways of democratizing institutions and to render them more open, inclusive and useful.

The final thread, Past in the Present, focuses on the crucial roles our local and shared histories hold in constituting contemporary identities, politics, societies and cultures.

Statements and editorials related to current cultural and political debates are also published by the network.

This section contains contributions published on L’Internationale Online since 2014. However, we are still importing some material. If you can’t find what you’re looking for visit the archived platform here.

L’Internationale Public Statement on the recent events at MACBA

L'Internationale Confederation
Statements and editorials

»We should never abandon the possibility of our active presence«

Zdenka Badovinac, Ieva Astahovska, Bermet Borubaeva, Darja Filippova, Nika Ham, Dorota Michalska, Radek Przedpełski, Ekaterina Vorontsova
Moderna galerija

Why is it that survival comes before thrival*?

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

Tanem toktok ia | Traduction | Faʻaliliuga

Léuli Eshrāghi

1 ola majestic en mi balconee | 1 majestik wave en mi balco-knee


A Rupture

Francis Lo

Child, You Are Death, You Are Dead, You have Died

Napo Masheane

Hauntological Relations of Monocultures

Florence Cheval

what about support and what about struggle – editorial foreword

Corina Oprea, Jennifer Hayashida

/ or is the horizon line just another crack?

Merve Ünsal


Fernanda Laguna

Our Movements Are Loud

Bridge Radio
Moderna galerija

Tuning, Bias, and the Wild Beyond

Nora Akawi, Khyam Allami
Moderna galerija

Omuz: A Solidarity Network


On Riots, Grief and Parties


Degrowth and Progress – Editorial Foreword

Ida Hiršenfelder, Sara Buraya Boned

Where Are We Going? – Degrowth and Arts Ecosystem

Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Corina Oprea, Monica Narula

Degrowth Makes Me Grow…

Paula Pin Lage

Looking Beyond the Vortex of Crises and Debt

Ajda Pistotnik
EN sl

Interview with Silvia Federici by Sara Buraya Boned

Silvia Federici, Sara Buraya Boned
EN es pl sl

Convivial Degrowth or Barbarity?

Vincent Liegey

Progress in the Novels of Ursula K. Le Guin

Ida Hiršenfelder
EN sl

A walk-through the exhibition ‘MONOCULTURE – A Recent History’ at M HKA (Antwerp), with Nick Aikens and Nav Haq in conversation

Nick Aikens, Nav Haq

After the Catastrophe, I Will Be Reborn

Cristina Cámara Bello
EN es

New Extractivism. Assemblage of concepts and allegories

Vladan Joler

Apotome Live

Khyam Allami
Sonic Commons


Marta Echaves
EN es

Triángulo Rosa / Pink Triangle

Alicia Bernardos, Trinidad A. Labrador, Carolina León, Mercedes Sánchez Sáinz, Marco Antonio Theis Fuentes, Miquel Missé
Museo Reina Sofia

Diaspora. Art Stories from Barcelona

Tania Safura Adam, Aldemar Matias

Blyzkist Dialogues

Maria Beburia, Taras Gembik

Black Atlantis: the Plantationocene

Ayesha Hameed

Capital's Vengeful Utopia: Unpayable Debts from Above and Below

Max Haiven

Chile: Shattering the Neoliberal Spell Joy and Desire Against Economic Obedience

Miguel A. López

Austerity and Utopia – Editorial Foreword

Nav Haq, Pablo Martínez, Corina Oprea


Emilio Santiago Muíño
EN es

Nana de Esta Pequeña Era/ This little era lullaby

Maria Salgado, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca

Time and Again, No Longer, Not Yet

Athena Athanasiou

Capital’s Vengeful Utopia: Unpayable Debts from Above and Below

Max Haiven

The Production of the Utopian Image

Marwa Arsanios

songs for petals

Ayesha Hameed