Anti-imperialism in the 20th century and anti-imperialism today: similarities and differences

PEI OBERT seminar
Lecture by Ramón Grosfoguel

In 1956, countries that were fighting colonialism by freeing themselves from both capitalism and communism dreamed of a third path, one that did not align with or bend to the politics dictated by Washington or Moscow. They held their first conference in Bandung, Indonesia.

Several years ago, the collective Bandung of the North was created to explore the legacy of the Bandung conference. Though its members were from vastly different cultures, they were all convinced of the need to reexamine the struggle of non-aligned countries in the social context of today. The experiment of colonialism continues to dictate the various forms of oppression suffered by descendants of colonised people on a daily basis, still manifesting in the very differences assigned to them by the dominant society in which we live.

Bandung of the North has met several times in Brussels and Saint-Denis. Their next meeting will take place in Barcelona as part of La Colonie nomade of the MACBA Independent Studies Programme (PEI). On this occasion, run by Ramón Grosfoguel with the lecture Anti-imperialism in the 20th century and anti-imperialism today: similarities and differences.

In this presentation, Ramón Grosfoguel plans to discuss the epistemic and political differences between 20th century anti-imperialism and 21st century anti-imperialism. What are the paradigms shifts from 20th to 21st century anti-imperialism? What lessons shall we learn from 20th century anti-imperialism? What are the new dimensions and content inherent to 21st century anti-imperialism? What does It mean to be anti-imperialist today? What are the challenges faced by Anti-imperialists movements today?

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